The Directors


From 2008-2012, we went to SFU and completed degrees in film (both receiving honours). We work together as directors on our films. Although our careers are pointed in the film direction, we are taking this time to go back to our roots and direct a stage production. In the future, we hope to complete a film adaptation of Hamlet as well.

Raised in a household where his plays were used as bedtime stories, we have grown up to be strong believers in Shakespeare’s ability to timelessly explore the delicacies of the human condition. From age five (when we first allowed our dad to read us A Midsummer Night’s Dream because there were fairies in it) we have been fans of Shakespeare. We started acting in Grade 2 and attended Tir-na-nOg Theatre School on Bowen Island for many years. It was at that school when we got our first introduction to Hamlet. Amazingly, at thirteen, we and other students in Grade 8/9 were given the opportunity to perform the entire play. Being exposed to the play at a young age made us realize that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is not meant to be placed on a pedestal to be kept out of reach. The themes it addresses and the situations the characters are faced with are universal.

The more time we spend with this play the more we are taken by it’s profound contemporary relevance. Hamlet is a young person, isolated by fame and responsibility, seeking the best possible path to justice and redemption while grappling with themes of love, family, loyalty, good and evil, revenge, death, and well… everything that makes life such a crazy trip.

For years now we have been nurturing and developing our dream to mount a version of Hamlet in Vancouver. We are so excited that our dream has now been set in motion!

Thank You Bill. We endeavour to make you proud.

And thank you all for your support! Our gratitude is beyond words.

-Kailey and Sam Spear, Directors
& Libby Osler, Hamlet


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